Trimble and HORSCH: Development of joint autonomous solutions

Autonomy Trimble+Horsch

HORSCH and Trimble  announced today a collaboration focused on developing solutions that enable autonomy in agriculture with the goal of building a future for autonomous machines and workflows in the industry.

Autonomy Trimble+Horsch

The collaboration extends beyond autonomously controlling machines, such as the self-propelled crop protection sprayers, to full workflow automation from the office to the field. This relationship integrates Trimble’s established autonomy expertise in guidance systems, path planning and in-field process automation with HORSCH’s fleet of machines. 


The first phase will bring automation to the complex planning, machine control and logistical challenges faced by sprayer operators to improve machine performance and reduce operating errors. This functionality can significantly reduce the driver’s workload, while still allowing them to intervene at any time. In the long term, this technology establishes a basis for operating fully autonomous machines.


HORSCH and Trimble have successfully collaborated on implementing control technologies and are extending this to include full machine control solutions. The companies are currently implementing a high level of automation and driver support with steering systems. With this increase in automation, a driver can perform additional in-cab tasks during active field work, such as the required documentation, planning and coordination of work processes. 


“Combining the forward-thinking nature of HORSCH with Trimble’s cutting-edge autonomous technology creates an opportunity for the companies to develop innovative applications for the OEM and Trimble’s agriculture network,” said Finlay Wood, business area director for Trimble Autonomous Solutions. “We are building new customer-focused solutions as part of our existing connected farm ecosystem to deliver a unique and compelling solution for our customers—simplifying the complex, logistical and operational challenges of modern agriculture.”


“The unique opportunity with this collaboration is not that we are presenting a future utopia but that we are moving step-by-step towards autonomy in a pragmatic, consistent manner,” said Theo Leeb, managing director for HORSCH. “We consider automation in agriculture to be one of our next key technologies, and our goal is to ultimately deliver a platform of various applications to help farmers meet the challenges of the future.”

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Compatibility of Trimble and ME products

T800+NAV-900 Automatic Steering

Müller-Elektronik touch terminals now compatible with NAV-900 and Trimble steering systems

The TRACK-Guide III, TOUCH800® and TOUCH1200® terminals from Müller-Elektronik comply with the ISOBUS standard 11783 and can be used on all agricultural implements that also comply with this standard, regardless of the manufacturer. The cooperation between Müller-Elektronik and Trimble has now taken the development of this terminal an important step forward: Effective immediately, they are fully compatible with the GNSS receiver NAV-900 and the Trimble® steering system.

As a result, these ISOBUS terminals also have access to all Trimble correction services, from the basic RangePoint RTX through CenterPoint RTX all the way to the high-accuracy and centimetre-perfect RTK. NAV-900 works with GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou satellites. Therefore, it can always determine a precise position, even under difficult conditions. Thanks to xFill technology, users can also work for up to 20 minutes without a correction signal.

The result: Even more efficient operation thanks to higher accuracy, fewer overlaps and lower fuel consumption.

NAV-900 Automatic Steering

GNSS receiver and steering job computer

The NAV-900 is Trimble’s most modern GNSS receiver to date, designed to meet the highest requirements in terms of the operating time and offering a large selection of accuracy options, from basic to high-precision. It can be attached to the cab roof on most tractors and other agricultural vehicles and enables determination of the position and parallel guidance, including automatic steering.

T800+NAV-900 Automatic Steering

Trimble steering systems

Trimble steering systems EZ-Pilot® Pro, Trimble Autopilot™ Motor Drive and CAN- Autopilot™ use state-of-the-art slope compensation technologies to calculate the actual position of the vehicle and thus ensure high accuracy, even on hilly or uneven terrain. Thanks to the new compatibility, these steering systems can now also be controlled with Müller-Elektronik terminals.

These products are sold through the Vantage specialist network.

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