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Precise seed-detection in pneumatic seeders

AIRidium® is a measuring system for seed-precise blockage monitoring of different seeds in pneumatic seeders.

The patented Piezo sensor technology compels with high measurement accuracy and sturdiness. The system comprises both sensors and a master control unit (ECU), which performs the evaluation. In addition to the precise counting of large seeds such as peas and corn, fine seeds like rapeseed can be detected under the most difficult conditions (vibrations and dust). In contrast, optical sensors get dirty very fast and must be cleaned regularly.

Thanks to the high counting precision, blockages are detected more rapidly and reliably. AIRidium®  allows the calibration factor to be determined many times per second. Even under changing environmental conditions, the correct number of seeds can be planted to finally achieve more uniform crops.

Product advantages:

  • Seed-precise detection of the seed
  • Blockage monitoring
  • Determination of the lateral and longitudinal distribution

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OEM Options

The housing must be individually adapted to the distributor tower.