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More than just guidance

TRACK-Guide III is a modern guidance system. The 8” touchscreen display guarantees a very good overview and easy operation. The mode of the integrated lightbar can be changed to SECTION-View by swiping over the touch screen.

TRACK-Guide III can also be upgraded in many ways, e.g. for automatic steering systems or also as a full-fledged ISOBUS terminal with task management and automatic section control.

Product advantages:

  • One terminal for all implements
  • Individually expandable thanks to APP&GO®
  • Expandable with the Trimble steering system NAV-900

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MULTI-Control: Extension of the Task-Controller functionality

MULTI-Control is perfect for complex operations with simultaneous multiple applications. With MULTI-Control, several products can be assigned to the machine with their own application map.

Together with the MULTI SECTION-Control included in it, the highest requirements of precision farming are thus met.

Terminal comparison

Terminal comparison AM


* 1   ISOBUS-UT is required for this app
* 2   TRACK-Leader is required for this app
* 3   This app requires
        – ISOBUS- TC for target rate transfer only
        – TRACK-Leader and SECTION-Control for automatic section control
* 4   Sold exclusively by Agricon

TRACK-Guide Desktop

TRACK-Guide Desktop is an application that visualises field data recorded by the terminal. It displays elements such as field boundaries, track data and guidance lines.



TRACK-Guide Desktop

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Software TRACK-Guide-Desktop - Version

ZIP, 09.02.2021


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Software Update Touch Terminals incl. Release Notes - V02.30.0700

ZIP, 17.10.2022

Software Update Touch Terminals incl. Release Notes - V02.30.08

ZIP, 05.05.2023