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APP & GO – Functionalities to suit all requirements

The advantages of the APP & GO concept include flexibility and guaranteed future.

In the first step, each user selects a terminal that corresponds to their requirements. In addition to the standard apps that are already activated on the terminal, other pre-installed apps can be unlocked as required.

Terminal comparison

Terminal comparison AM


* 1   ISOBUS-UT is required for this app
* 2   TRACK-Leader is required for this app
* 3   This app requires
        – ISOBUS- TC for target rate transfer only
        – TRACK-Leader and SECTION-Control for automatic section control
* 4   Sold exclusively by Agricon


Activated the ISOBUS implement control.

The corresponding terminal thus complies with the ISOBUS standard. It can be used as an Universal Terminal (UT) to control any implement that complies with the standard, regardless of the manufacturer.


Activates the Task Controller (ISOBUS-TC) and therefore ISOBUS task management. It is the link between the FMIS at the workplace and the control system on the implement.

In addition to classic task management, the app  also offers the option of importing field data in shape format.


Perfect for complex work processes with simultaneous multiple application.

With MULTI-Control, multiple products with individual prescription maps can be assigned to the implement. It also includes MULTI SECTION-Control, so that it meets the highest requirements for precision farming.


Combined with a DGPS receiver, TRACK-Leader enables exact parallel driving (A/B, A+, headland, contour mode).

Obstacles can be marked and saved with field data such as boundaries and guidance lines.


Activates automatic steering.

It enables precise operation under any light and weather conditions. The system works very precisely, overlaps and skips are prevented.


This app provides GPS-controlled activation and deactivation of implement sections or single nozzles.

SECTION-Control can control up to 256 sections or single nozzles.


Activates serial communication via the ASD protocol.

This interface can be used to transmit target rates and section statuses between terminals and other operating devices. Both devices must support the ASD protocol.


Displays the tramline rhythm selected by the driver on the TRACK-Leader screen.

This allows the driver to work in pattern intervals, which eliminates the need for manoeuvring at the headlands to drive the adjacent guidance line.


This app enables the use of prescription maps in shape format, which define the location-based target rates for the field sprayer.

For the application of fertilizers, for example, it enables working with several fertilizers and prescription maps at the same time. Each fertilizer or nutrient has its own specific prescription map.


Enables operation of the PF-Box (Precision Farming Box) on all touch terminals made by Müller-Elektronik.

The software contains all of the agronomic applications required for location based cropping methods with YARA N-Sensors and P3-Sensors from Agricon.



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ECU-S1 Software Version incl. Update Manual - V. 4.4.34105

ZIP, 05.02.2021