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ISOBUS application for row hoeing machines

Hoeing machines equipped with ME technology work with all ISOBUS terminals on the market and can therefore be integrated in the existing mechanisation of the farms without any problems.

On the headlands, the crop plants in the transverse rows are protected thanks to automatic lowering and raising with SECTION-Control. To secure yields, the optimal number of crop plants per hectare is maintained.

Large implements with more than 3 m working width require hydraulic transport folding, which is also controlled by the MIDI 3.0 job computer. In combination with another MIDI job computer and the sprayer software, combination implements with a so-called band sprayer can also be realised.

Product advantages:

  • ISOBUS system tested according to the AEF specifications
  • SECTION-Control up to 19 sections
  • Hydraulic, electric and pneumatic control of the hoeing elements is possible

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System design

HOEING-Controller System


HOEING-Controller MIDI 3.0

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Software Hoeing MIDI 3.0 incl. Release Notes - V.

ZIP, 10.03.2022

Software Hoeing MIDI 3.0 incl. Release Notes - V.

ZIP, 25.11.2022