SPRAYER-Controller MIDI is an ISOBUS job computer for regulating field sprayers. It is ideal for retrofitting and offers a good option for entering the world of precision farming.

In the standard version, the computer ensures fully automatic regulation and also GPS-controlled switching of up to 18 sections.

Optional: In addition, the MIDI ensures fill level measurement of the spray liquid (TANK-Control).

ISOBUS SPRAYER-Controller Orchard/Vineyard

SPRAYER-Controller Orchard/Vineyard

Since the fruit and vine growing sector must also comply with the continually growing documentation obligation and the regulations for application technology may become stricter in some countries in the future, the demand for such a system is strongly increasing. The saving of unnecessary applications of crop protection products is more important than ever to protect our environment.

The solution from Müller-Elektronik is based on the hardware for job computer MIDI 3.0. The system ensures targeted application of crop protection products. Moreover, the intuitively operated work screen provides information about current values during application. Operation of the electric functions is self-explanatory.

The application covers a wide range of implements – from dusters all the way to implements with a working width for up to 9 rows of trees. The new system is fully ISOBUS-compatible and supports the usual functions such as ISOBUS-UT, ISOBUS-TC, ISOBUS-SC and ISOBUS-AUX-N.


HOEING-Controller MIDI 3.0

Hoeing machines equipped with ME technology work with all ISOBUS terminals on the market and can therefore be integrated in the existing mechanisation of the farms without any problems.

On the headlands, the crop plants in the transverse rows are protected thanks to automatic lowering and raising with SECTION-Control. To secure yields, the optimal number of crop plants per hectare is maintained.

Large implements with more than 3 m working width require hydraulic transport folding, which is also controlled by the MIDI 3.0 job computer. In combination with another MIDI job computer and the sprayer software, combination implements with a so-called band sprayer can also be realised.


The SPRAYDOS is a fully automated control unit for field sprayers and orchard sprayers. It excels with its robust aluminium casing and user-friendliness, and starts work at the press of a button.



The TANK-Control fill level measuring system enables the precise display of the tank content for sprayers, and also automatic fill stop when reaching a previously set quantity.

The measured values, i.e. the tank content, can be read both on the TANK-Control display on the sprayer tank and on the terminal in the tractor.

The device is primarily used in the area of liquid fertilising and crop protection. The sensor works with all liquid solutions, even at specific concentrations which differ from water.