ISOBUS joysticks

The ISOBUS joystick is a “must” as optional equipment to control any implement. It facilitates operation so the driver can concentrate on production processes.

The joystick can be retrofitted on almost any tractor and is easy to install. Thanks to the AUX-N functionality, the buttons can be individually assigned.


ISOBUS Weather Station

The Müller-Elektronik weather station is the first ISOBUS weather station on the market. The sensor informs you immediately about changes in the wind speed and direction, temperature, relative humidity and pressure, and evaporation rates (Delta T). The weather conditions can also be saved by the ISOBUS Task-Controller for documentation purposes if required.

These values support decision-making while working on the field to select the correct application. The internal GPS receiver and the electronic two-axes gyroscope enable displaying of both the apparent and actual wind speed and direction.



The S-Box is an additional module for sprayer control.  It can be installed directly under the terminal and facilitates the manual switching of individual sections.

Direct access to the individual sections makes the S-BOX ideal for localized treatment. It is available for implements with up to 18 sections. Thanks to the high-precision application, cost savings and increased yields are inevitable.