The TOUCH800™® is equipped with an 8” colour display. Thanks to the high resolution, two windows (working area and auxiliary display) are shown simultaneously.

As a universal terminal, it can be used on all implements that meet the requirements of the ISOBUS standard, regardless of the manufacturer. It offers all of the basic functions that are required to operate an ISOBUS implement.

The TOUCH800™ supports additional precision farming functions. Apps such as TRACK-Leader and SECTION-Control can also be activated. Data can be transferred with a USB memory device.

It can be connected to a camera for better implement monitoring.


SMART570 ISOBUS-Terminal

The SMART570™ operating and display device complies with ISOBUS standard ISO 11783 and can be used as an Universal Terminal (UT) on all ISOBUS implements, regardless of manufacturer.

For optimal depiction of the connected implement, the SMART570™ offers a capacitive 5.7-inch display. The terminal can operated with the touchscreen, membrane keypad for right-handed operation, and rotary encoder.

Thanks to its flat design, the housing can can be easily installed in the cab.



TRACK-Guide III is a modern guidance system. The 8” touchscreen display guarantees a very good overview and easy operation. The mode of the integrated lightbar can be changed to SECTION-View by swiping over the touch screen.

TRACK-Guide III can also be upgraded in many ways, e.g. for automatic steering systems or also as a full-fledged ISOBUS terminal with task management and automatic section control.

Apps / App & Go

The advantages of the APP & GO concept include flexibility and guaranteed future.

In the first step, each user selects a terminal that corresponds to their requirements. In addition to the standard apps that are already activated on the terminal, other pre-installed apps can be unlocked as required.