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Proven terminal as an entry-level ISOBUS solution

The BASIC terminal is ideal as an introduction to ISOBUS technology, since it offers all of the basic functions that are required to operate an ISOBUS implement.

With the ISOBUS-UT (Universal Terminal) app, the unit complies with the ISOBUS standard and can be used on all ISOBUS implements, regardless of the manufacturer.

The functions of the BASIC terminal can be extensively expanded, like with ISOBUS-UT, parallel driving and SECTION-Control. Accessories such as cameras, S-Box or joysticks can be easily connected.

Product advantages:

  • Individual housing sticker design
  • Range of apps can be individually expanded thanks to APP&GO®

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OEM Options

Individual housing sticker design.


terminal comparison OEM


* 1   ISOBUS-UT is required for this app
* 2   TRACK-Leader is required for this app
* 3   This app requires
        – ISOBUS- TC for target rate transfer only
        – TRACK-Leader and SECTION-Control for automatic section control
* 4   Sold exclusively by Agricon



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Software Update BT1N V.04.10.05a / 3.97 incl. Release Notes - 29.01.2019

ZIP, 09.02.2021

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