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Smart introduction to the world of ISOBUS

The terminal is equipped with the ISOBUS-UT app and AUX-N as a standard. The 4.3″ colour screen clearly displays simple implement applications. Softkeys and menu buttons are used for operation.

In addition to the control of simple ISOBUS implements, it is also highly suitable for displaying ISOBUS applications such as a weather station.

The SMART430® complies with the requirements for protection class IP66, which means that it is splash-proof and can be used outside of the cab.

Product advantages:

  • Affordable entry-level model
  • Compact design
  • AEF-certified functionalities
  • Complies with protection class IP66

Images & Videos

Terminal comparison

Terminal comparison AM


* 1   ISOBUS-UT is required for this app
* 2   TRACK-Leader is required for this app
* 3   This app requires
        – ISOBUS- TC for target rate transfer only
        – TRACK-Leader and SECTION-Control for automatic section control
* 4   Sold exclusively by Agricon



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