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Full integration of the Müller-Elektronik brand into the Trimble brand

Full integration of the Müller-Elektronik brand into the Trimble brand

Six years ago, Trimble and Müller-Elektronik decided to collaborate in advancing the future of agriculture. Since then, we have been working diligently on finding the best way to further develop the perception of the brand Trimble from a mere provider of steering systems to a comprehensive supplier for precision agriculture. 


Now it is time to take the next step

To offer a comprehensive, standardised approach for OEM solutions, both in terms of the customer experience and of the expansion of our product and solution portfolio from the cab to the implement and beyond, the Müller-Elektronik brand will be completely integrated in the Trimble brand as part of the company’s “OEM Solutions”. 

What will change?

Phasing out of the Müller-Elektronik brand will begin in the last quarter of this year and you will see how the former Müller-Elektronik branding will progressively be changed to the Trimble brand. At AGRITECHNICA 2023, the OEM solutions will already be fully integrated in the Trimble stand under the Trimble brand name. 

From beginning of 2024, information about Müller-Elektronik products on the Internet can be found on Trimble’s agriculture website, the former Müller-Elektronik website  will be discontinued.

Our OEM partners can continue to count on the dedicated team of Trimble Agriculture when it comes to the development and support of high-quality OEM products and solutions. You will still collaborate with the same contact persons from the Trimble team for OEM solutions as before. The addresses you

Trimble & AGCO gründen ein Joint Venture  

On 28 September 2023 Trimble announced our agreement to create a Joint Venture with AGCO. The Joint Venture will include our precision agriculture business and AGCO’s JCA Technologies business and will serve farmers worldwide with factory-fit and aftermarket solutions in the mixed fleet precision ag market. You can read more about this in the pressinformation

The  Joint Venture combines the Trimble Precision Agriculture business, which also includes Müller-Elektronik GmbH, and JCA Technologies of AGCO and will continue to sell to OEMs and the aftermarket through OEMs factory fit and an independent channel called Vantage. AGCO continued to successfully sell to many OEMs today after acquiring Precision Planting. The Joint Venture will continue to grow this approach going forward. 

Download of the press information:

Trimble and AGCO to Form Joint Venture to Better Serve Farmers Worldwide with Mixed Fleet Precision Agriculture Solutions 

PDF, 28.09.2023