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Trimble & AGCO to form a Joint Venture

On 28 September 2023 Trimble announced our agreement to create a Joint Venture with AGCO. The Joint Venture will include our precision agriculture business and AGCO’s JCA Technologies business and will serve farmers worldwide with factory-fit and aftermarket solutions in the mixed fleet precision ag market. You can read more about this in the pressinformation

The  Joint Venture combines the Trimble Precision Agriculture business, which also includes Müller-Elektronik GmbH, and JCA Technologies of AGCO and will continue to sell to OEMs and the aftermarket through OEMs factory fit and an independent channel called Vantage. AGCO continued to successfully sell to many OEMs today after acquiring Precision Planting. The Joint Venture will continue to grow this approach going forward. 

Download of the press information:

Trimble and AGCO to Form Joint Venture to Better Serve Farmers Worldwide with Mixed Fleet Precision Agriculture Solutions 

PDF, 28.09.2023