The ISOBUS PLANTER-Controller is a control system for implements with mechanical, central or single drive. It supports up to 24 rows with SECTION-Control.

The job computer regulates the application rate according to the set target rate in seeds per hectare. Hydraulic motors and sometimes also electric motors can be used to achieve regulation.

In addition, different  shut-off clutches can be switched manually or automatically (SECTION-Control) for each metering unit.

The motor control of the application rate per row allows the optimum seed placement and holds a great savings potential.

The graphic representation of the placement statistics enables comprehensive diagnostic of the seed placement. The singulation, gaps and doubles, seed spacing, and seed rate per area must be considered.





The ISOBUS DRILL-Controller seeder is a control system for implements with up to six metering drives (MULTI-Control). The job computer regulates, monitors and controls the connected hydraulic functions of a seeder.

The rate is regulated according to the set target rates for each metering unit with up to four different products (seed and fertiliser in solid or liquid form). Hydraulic motors and sometimes also electric motors can be used to achieve regulation.

For implements with more than three metering drives, the system is extended with an additional job computer. This solution is therefore ideal for a wide range of implements– from simple one-hopper implements all the way to complex large-scale seeders with simultaneous spreading of fertiliser and seed.


PRECIMAT is a monitoring device for precision planters with seed counting.

Up to 12 seeding units can be monitored with optical sensors. It is also possible to shut off up to 12 seeding units. Alternatively, on implements with more than 12 rows, it is also possible not to use any monitoring and therefore shut off up to 18 seeding units.

In addition to precision planting, the PRECIMAT can also be used as a hectare counter for all other applications.



DRILLMAT III is used on seeders to automatically create tramlines. The variety of different pre-programmed rhythms allows for the combination of any seeder working width with the desired tramline spacing.

Seeding can begin both on the right and the left side of the field. Manual switching is also possible. The DRILLMAT III is also used to monitor the seeder. The metering shaft and fan speeds are continuously monitored. A fill level sensor indicates low seed levels. In addition, the DRILLMAT III provides information on seeded areas, area output, covered distance and speed.