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The upgradable ISOBUS regulation
for all field sprayers

SPRAYER-Controller MIDI is an ISOBUS job computer for regulating field sprayers and for GPS-controlled section control.

In addition, the job computer ensures automatic boom height control (DISTANCE-Control), fill level measurement of the spray liquid (TANK-Control), and stub axle / drawbar steering (TRAIL-Control).

Product advantages:

  • Diverse boom functions
  • Modular expansion of the scope of functions as needed for the implement equipment
  • Flexible configuration of diagnosable inputs and outputs

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The ME-Configurator facilitates the configuration of the functional scope of the implement:

The terminal display can be customised to suit individual needs, softkeys and screen elements can be easily arranged on the interface per drag and drop. The implement functions can be edited in each menu. The assignment to specific hydraulic functions is pre-defined.

This tool can be used with different authorisation levels. The unrestricted expert mode can be used after extensive training from Müller-Elektronik.

System design

ISOBUS SPRAYER-Controller System

Automatic boom height control system on field sprayers

Advantages of DISTANCE-Control:

  • Automatic height and slope adjustment
  • Accurate application distances
  • Prevention of boom damage
  • Prevention of drift through precise application height


is used for regulating the boom height and boom slope. The system consists of at least 2 ultrasonic sensors, one slope sensor and an angle sensor. It is controlled using the standard hydraulic system. The slope can also be adjusted using an electric linear actuator.




additionally enables active and separate control of the wings. This means that they can be tilted both upwards and downwards independently from one another using hydraulic cylinders. The boom is controlled by means of proportional valves.



ISOBUS TRAIL-Control – For automatic tracking of trailed implements

ISOBUS TRAIL-Control ensures automatic tracking of trailed implements with drawbar or stub axle steering in the tractor track. The sprayer follows the tractor in the track, even on slopes. This reduces crop damage.

ISOBUS TRAIL-Control is available as a stand-alone ISOBUS version or integrated into the ISOBUS field sprayer application.


Advantages of TRAIL-Control:

  • Sprayer follows in the tractor track
  • Reduction of crop damage
  • Correction of the tracks on slopes

Individual nozzle switching SECTION-Control TOP

With SECTION-Control TOP individual nozzle switching, it is not only possible to control each section, but also each nozzle can be individually and precisely switched on and off through GPS control. Effectiveness is increased and overlaps are reduced to a minimum. This makes a significant contribution to reducing costs and protecting the environment.

SECTION-Control TOP is optimally complemented by VARIO-Select. This combination achieves the largest possible application range or higher working speeds at a constant drop size.

SECTION-Control TOP ensures curve compensation of the application rate (CURVE-Control).


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System design

SC-TOP System


Modern agricultural implements are becoming increasingly complex. Seeders apply seed and fertilizers simultaneously in one operation, and fertilizer spreaders are capable of applying up to four individual nutrients in one field track. Sprayers with two booms and the corresponding circulation systems for different substances must be regulated by only one terminal.

With MULTI-Control by Müller-Elektronik, this complexity is now possible with all TOUCH terminals. To achieve this, the ISOBUS Task Controller was extended with the various MULTI-Control functions through special adjustments.

Depending on the specific application situation and the implement equipment, the following functionalities are possible:

  • MULTI-Product,
  • MULTI-Rate,
  • MULTI-Boom,
  • MULTI-Device or
  • MULTI SECTION-Control.


TANK-Control III

TANK-Control III is used for controlling electric valves and enables the integration and regulation of stirrers and rinsing procedures on field sprayers.

The ISOBUS application is either part of the SPRAYER-Controller or can be used as a separate job computer.

ME Downloadmanager 2 & Downloadbox

The Downloadmanager 2 is a programme with which you can update the software on your job computer and other components, such as EDS modules.

If you want to update devices using terminals without an USB connection or foreign terminals, you cannot use the Downloadmanager 2 alone. You will also need a Downloadbox. The Downloadbox is a tool which you can connect to a terminal using different adapter cables in order to update devices.

The user interface of the Downloadmanager 2 is thus always the same in all three versions.


SPRAYER-Controller MIDI 3.0

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Software Sprayer MIDI 3.0 Primary incl. Release Notes - V.

ZIP, 31.03.2022

Software Sprayer MIDI 3.0 Secondary incl. Release Notes - V.

ZIP, 31.03.2022

Software Sprayer MIDI 3.0 incl. Release Notes - V.

ZIP, 25.11.2022