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Maximum scope of functions
for the ISOBUS universal spreader

The ISOBUS UNI SPREADER-Controller is a control unit for all conventional universal spreaders or manure spreaders.

The application rate is automated through the regulation of the conveyor belt speed. By means of sensors, the user is informed about the status of the individual functions, such as the gate height and spinner unit speed. In addition, hydraulic valves can be controlled for opening the back door, spread limiter, chassis regulation etc.

The high flexibility of the hardware and software guarantee a compatible, stable and state-of-the-art system on the long term. The ISOBUS TASK-Controller functionality ensures perfect documentation via ISO-XML.


Product advantages:

  • ISOBUS system tested according to the AEF specifications
  • High software flexibility (configuration tool)
  • OEM adjustments possible

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The ME-Configurator facilitates the configuration of the functional scope of the implement:

The terminal display can be customised to suit individual needs, softkeys and screen elements

can be easily arranged on the interface per drag and drop. The implement functions can be edited in each menu. The assignment to specific hydraulic functions is pre-defined.

This tool can be used with different authorisation levels. The unrestricted expert mode can be used after extensive training from Müller-Elektronik.

System design


ME Downloadmanager 2 & Downloadbox

The Downloadmanager 2 is a programme with which you can update the software on your job computer and other components, such as EDS modules.

If you want to update devices using terminals without an USB connection or foreign terminals, you cannot use the Downloadmanager 2 alone. You will also need a Downloadbox. The Downloadbox is a tool which you can connect to a terminal using different adapter cables in order to update devices.

The user interface of the Downloadmanager 2 is thus always the same in all three versions.