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Regulation for field sprayers and orchard sprayers

The SPRAYDOS is a fully automated control unit for field sprayers and orchard sprayers. It excels with its robust aluminium casing and user-friendliness, and starts work at the press of a button.

Product advantages:

  • Combined display and controller solution
  • Inexpensive entry-level solution
  • Electric rate control

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OEM options

The sticker design can be customised.


The device is available in both “short” and “long” extended versions. As a standard, both support up to 9 sections and TANK-Control.

The two versions are basically identical: They offer manual and automatic regulation of the application rate and up to 4 double-acting
hydraulic functions. The “long” SPRAYDOS provides up to 9 double-acting hydraulic functions, e.g. for corner nozzles, foam marker, boom functions and drawbar steering.

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