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TANK-Control III

Automatic control of filling, stirring and flushing processes

TANK-Control III is an ISOBUS application that is either
part of the SPRAYER-Controller or used as a separate job computer. The device offers the most important standard functions for controlling the filling and stirring processes.

TANK-Control III consists of two components: The ISOBUS job computer and the operating device to control the processes on the filling valve. The big advantage of this new system is the automation of the processes and electric regulation of all valves and pumps. Two fill level sensors can be used to measure the contents of up to two tanks.

Product advantages:

  • Unrestricted ISOBUS compatibility
  • Complete integration in the sprayer control from ME
  • Easier filling procedure
  • Reduction of residual quantities to a minimum

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OEM options

The sticker design can be customised.

System design

TANK-Control-III System


TANK-Control III

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Manuel de montage et d'utilisation TANK-Control III - V6.20230821

PDF, 26.10.2023