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The TOUCH1200™ is equipped with a 12.1” colour display that can be used both in portrait and in landscape format. With different layouts and control interfaces, up to 5 precision farming functionalities can be displayed or two ISOBUS applications can be operated simultaneously.

As the ISOBUS terminal offering the most functions, it is unbeatable in terms of flexibility and user friendliness. The universal terminal can be used on all implements that meet the requirements of the ISOBUS standard, regardless of the manufacturer. It offers all of the basic functions that are required to operate an ISOBUS implement.

It can be connected to a camera for better implement monitoring.

Product advantages:

  • Can be used in portrait and landscape format
  • Display of up to 5 applications simultaneously
  • The scope of the apps can be individually expanded
  • AEF-certified functionalities

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MULTI-Control: Extension of the Task-Controller functionality

MULTI-Control is perfect for complex operations with simultaneous multiple applications. With MULTI-Control, several products can be assigned to the machine with their own application map.

Together with the MULTI SECTION-Control included in it, the highest requirements of precision farming are thus met.

Terminal comparison

Terminal comparison AM


* 1   ISOBUS-UT is required for this app
* 2   TRACK-Leader is required for this app
* 3   This app requires
        – ISOBUS- TC for target rate transfer only
        – TRACK-Leader and SECTION-Control for automatic section control
* 4   Sold exclusively by Agricon

TRACK-Guide Desktop

TRACK-Guide Desktop is an application that visualises field data recorded by the terminal. It displays elements such as field boundaries, track data and guidance lines.




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App TRACK-Leader AUTO®

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ECU-S1 Software Version incl. Update Manual - V. 4.4.34105

ZIP, 05.02.2021


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Software Update Touch Terminals incl. Release Notes - V02.30.0700

ZIP, 17.10.2022

Software Update Touch Terminals incl. Release Notes - V02.30.08

ZIP, 05.05.2023