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Software-Release for ISOBUS SPRAYER-Controller Orchard/Vineyard (V.01.03)

A new software version is available for the Orchard/Vineyard ECU MIDI 3.0 ISOBUS sprayer controller, replacing the previous version V. The associated release notes provide an overview of the new features.

The AEF test for the MIDI 3.0 job computer for orchards and vineyards was successfully passed with the following functions:

  • UT 1.0 (Universal Terminal)
  • AUX-N (Auxiliary Control new)
  • TC-BAS 1.0 (Task-Controller basic totals)
  • TC-GEO (Task-Controller geo-based variables)
  • TC-SC 1.0 (Task-Controller Section Control)
  • ISB (ISOBUS Shortcut Button)

You can also find the software download in the lower section of the respective product page as well as in the Service&Support section of the website.

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