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Software-Release for ISOBUS SPRAYER-Controller (V.

For the ISOBUS sprayer controller ECU MIDI 3.0 a new software version is available, which replaces the previous version  V.7.09.04 . You will find an overview of all modifications in the attached Release Notes.

The AEF test for the sprayer job computer MIDI 3.0 with the following functions was successfully passed:

  • UT 1.0 (Universal Terminal)
  • AUX-N(Auxiliary Control new)
  • TC-BAS 1.0 (Task-Controller basic totals)
  • TC-GEO (Task-Controller geo-based variables)
  • TC-SC 1.0 (Task-Controller Section Control)
  • ISB (ISOBUS Shortcut Button)

You can also find the software download in the lower section of the respective product page as well as in the Service&Support section of the website.