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ISOBUS SPRAYER-Controller Orchard/Vineyard

ISOBUS control for fruit and wine growing

Since the fruit and vine growing sector must also comply with the continually growing documentation obligation and the regulations for application technology may become stricter in some countries in the future, the demand for such a system is strongly increasing. The saving of unnecessary applications of crop protection products is more important than ever to protect our environment.

The solution from Müller-Elektronik is based on the hardware for job computer MIDI 3.0. The system ensures targeted application of crop protection products. Moreover, the intuitively operated work screen provides information about current values during application. Operation of the electric functions is self-explanatory.

The application covers a wide range of implements – from dusters all the way to implements with a working width for up to 9 rows of trees. The new system is fully ISOBUS-compatible and supports the usual functions such as ISOBUS-UT, ISOBUS-TC, ISOBUS-SC and ISOBUS-AUX-N.

Product advantages:

  • ISOBUS system tested according to the AEF specifications
  • Flexible settings for the sections/rows
  • Automatic headland folding
  • Regulation of the application rate based on the plants surface
  • Tree detection using ultrasonic sensors
  • Can be used on both orchard and tunnel sprayers

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The ME-Configurator facilitates the configuration of the functional scope of the implement:

The terminal display can be customised to suit individual needs, softkeys and screen elements can be easily arranged on the interface per drag and drop. The implement functions can be edited in each menu. The assignment to specific hydraulic functions is pre-defined.

This tool can be used with different authorisation levels. The unrestricted expert mode can be used after extensive training from Müller-Elektronik.

System design

SPRAYER-Controller Orchard/Vineyard System

ME Downloadmanager 2 & Downloadbox

The Downloadmanager 2 is a programme with which you can update the software on your job computer and other components, such as EDS modules.

If you want to update devices using terminals without an USB connection or foreign terminals, you cannot use the Downloadmanager 2 alone. You will also need a Downloadbox. The Downloadbox is a tool which you can connect to a terminal using different adapter cables in order to update devices.

The user interface of the Downloadmanager 2 is thus always the same in all three versions.


SPRAYER-Controller Orchard/Vineyard MIDI 3.0

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Software Sprayer Vinyard/Orchard MIDI 3.0 incl. Release Notes - V.1.3

ZIP, 18.01.2023

Software Sprayer Vinyard/Orchard MIDI 3.0 incl. Release Notes - V.1.4

ZIP, 16.05.2023