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Crop flow blockage detection

ME Blockage measures the flow in all agricultural implements where individual particles are conveyed with air or by free-fall.

The sensor is primarily used to monitor the flow of fertilizer in precision planters as well as to monitor seeding in pneumatic seeders. Thanks to the modular design ME Blockage can be adapted to any hose diameter, enabling other application options.

The blockage sensor detects all common materials – ranging from large seeds like maize, soya and fertilizers via all sorts of cereals through to fine seeds and micropellets.

The system can be used in different ways. It is either integrated in the existing seeder and thus communicates with the job computer or the system operates independently and is directly integrated on the ISOBUS as an implement. A stand-alone version, consisting only of implement monitoring, is also possible.

Product advantages:

  • Precise piezoelectric detection
  • detects all seeds and fertilizers
  • unrestricted crop flow
  • pipe made of stainless steel that is not susceptible to damage
  • individual pipe cross-sections possible
  • maintenance-free and updateable

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OEM options

  • Adaptation and system integration,
  • OEM-specific cross-section possible (approx. 25 to 50 mm).

System design (example)

ME-Blockage System


OEMs have a choice of 3 systems:

  1. Sensor „customized“
    • customer-specific system integration possible (cabling as required, e.g. Daisy-chain)
    • disclosed communication protocol for integration
  2. System „Integration“
    • MIDI 3.0 with Blockage-ECU and terminal for monitoring the crop flow and all functionalities of the machine
  3. System „Standalone“
    • Blockage-ECU and terminal for crop flow monitoring