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PLANTirium sensor

Seed detection from rapeseed to sunflower

The PLANTirium sensor is the first seed tube sensor that uses imaging sensors. This technology enables the detection of small seeds such as rapeseed or larger seeds such as corn or sunflower seeds, even in difficult conditions. A pattern recognition method is used to distinguish debris from seeds inside the seed tube.

Also, the sensor recognises overlapping seeds as multiples. Active sensor re-adjustment provides reliable compensation for debris accumulating on the sensor (e.g. dust, dressing).

It has an interface for parameterisation and to update the software, and it is capable of sending status messages about its status (e.g. cleaning required) to the master control unit.

Product advantages:

  • Automatic seed detection
  • Automatically adapts to new seed types
  • Compensation for deposits on the sensor
  • Status messages
  • Enables in-field software updates

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