GFX-Displays OEM

GFX-Displays OEM

By combining a GFX display with Trimble’s leading GNSS receivers, steering systems, correction services and application control solutions, farmers can accurately monitor and map field information in real time, allowing them to complete field applications quickly and efficiently. With a variety of functionalities and price points to choose from, you can work with your customers to design the approach that best fits their needs.

Service Case ISOBUS

Service-Case ISOBUS

The Service Case ISOBUS contains the hardware required to perform diagnostics on Müller-Elektronik MIDI 3.0 job computers. This includes diagnostic of the ISOBUS as well as installation of software or configurations.

With the basic service vehicle harness, it is possible to operate a job computer and terminal without a tractor with ISOBUS basic vehicle harness. In addition to the Service Case, only the corresponding MIDI job computer, a terminal and a power source (socket) are required for this.

A diagnostic connector connector to which the supplied PCAN-Dongle can be connected is also available on the basic service vehicle harness, This makes it easy to perform software updates or configuration adjustments on a job computer at the desk.

Besides the basic service vehicle harness and the associated cables, two Y cables are also included that can be used for diagnostic on implements. These can be mounted in the tractor cabin between the terminal and the ISOBUS basic vehicle harness and connected to the PCAN-Dongle. The connection is made with the Sub-D and CPC connectors of our terminals.


ME-Blockage Sensor

ME Blockage measures the flow in all agricultural implements where individual particles are conveyed with air or by free-fall.

The sensor is primarily used to monitor the flow of fertilizer in precision planters as well as to monitor seeding in pneumatic seeders. Thanks to the modular design ME Blockage can be adapted to any hose diameter, enabling other application options.

The blockage sensor detects all common materials – ranging from large seeds like maize, soya and fertilizers via all sorts of cereals through to fine seeds and micropellets.

The system can be used in different ways. It is either integrated in the existing seeder and thus communicates with the job computer or the system operates independently and is directly integrated on the ISOBUS as an implement. A stand-alone version, consisting only of implement monitoring, is also possible.



The S-Box is an additional module for sprayer control.  It can be installed directly under the terminal and facilitates the manual switching of individual sections.

Direct access to the individual sections makes the S-BOX ideal for localized treatment. It is available for implements with up to 18 sections. Thanks to the high-precision application, cost savings and increased yields are inevitable.



The ISOBUS PLANTER-Controller is a control system for implements with mechanical, central or single drive. It supports up to 128 rows with SECTION-Control.

The job computer regulates the seed rate according to the set target rate in seeds per hectare. Both electric and hydraulic motors can be actuated to regulate the rate. Using sensor technology (e.g. optical sensors or PLANTirium sensor), the seed is counted and monitored on each row.

The rate control system for fertilisers and micropellets is also possible.

In addition, different  shut-off clutches can be switched manually or automatically (SECTION-Control) for each metering unit.

The motor control of the application rate per row allows the optimum seed placement and holds a great savings potential. On more complex implements with supplemental fertiliser placement, the system can also regulate this target rate according to specifications.



The ISOBUS DRILL-Controller seeder is a control system for implements with up to four metering drives (MULTI-Control). The job computer regulates, monitors and controls the connected hydraulic functions of a seeder.

The rate is regulated according to the set target rates for each metering unit with up to four different products (seed and fertiliser). Both electric and hydraulic motors can be used to achieve regulation.

For implements with more than two metering drives, the system is extended with an additional job computer. This solution is therefore ideal for all manufacturers, from the simple one-hopper implements all the way to complex large-scale implements with simultaneous spreading of fertiliser and seed.



SPRAYER-Controller MIDI is an ISOBUS job computer for regulating field sprayers and for GPS-controlled section control.

In addition, the job computer ensures automatic boom height control (DISTANCE-Control), fill level measurement of the spray liquid (TANK-Control), and stub axle / drawbar steering (TRAIL-Control).


The TOUCH1200™ is equipped with a 12.1” colour display that can be used both in portrait and in landscape format. With different layouts and control interfaces, up to 5 precision farming functionalities can be displayed or two ISOBUS applications can be operated simultaneously.

As the ISOBUS terminal offering the most functions, it is unbeatable in terms of flexibility and user friendliness. The universal terminal can be used on all implements that meet the requirements of the ISOBUS standard, regardless of the manufacturer. It offers all of the basic functions that are required to operate an ISOBUS implement.

It can be connected to a camera for better implement monitoring.


The TOUCH800™ is equipped with an 8” colour display. Thanks to the high resolution, two windows (working area and auxiliary display) are shown simultaneously.

As a universal terminal, it can be used on all implements that meet the requirements of the ISOBUS standard, regardless of the manufacturer. It offers all of the basic functions that are required to operate an ISOBUS implement.

The TOUCH800™ supports additional precision farming functions. Apps such as TRACK-Leader and SECTION-Control can also be activated. Data can be transferred with a USB memory device.

It can be connected to a camera for better implement monitoring.


SMART570 ISOBUS-Terminal

The SMART570™ operating and display device complies with ISOBUS standard ISO 11783 and can be used as an Universal Terminal (UT) on all ISOBUS implements, regardless of manufacturer.

For optimal depiction of the connected implement, the SMART570™ offers a capacitive 5.7-inch display. The terminal can operated with the touchscreen, membrane keypad for right-handed operation, and rotary encoder.

Thanks to its flat design, the housing can can be easily installed in the cab.